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Blue chiffon wedding dress prom dress maxi dress layered dress 582#

Xiaolizi Handmade

Blue chiffon wedding dress prom dress maxi dress layered dress 582#

*****Fabric Description:
The name of Chiffon is comes from an Old French word “Rag", it means "Cloth, rags". The chiffon fabric is Soft, gauzy, feel silky and elastic,Exterior light, has good permeability and drape. The clothing (dress, skirt) which custom by chiffon is Elegant and comfortable.

****Design concept
Sexy collar, simple sleeveless, elegant dress Swing, Whether retro style or fashion trend, the most romantic‘s story in this reason seem associated with the summer, elegant dress and skirts have been become the leading role in this story, follow the Ambiguous coming summer, show different surprise and moving.

**** Fabric Care
1. Don't hang chiffon dress Vertically, it will relaxation and Sagging deformation. You had better Lying the clothing in the closet.
2. Take care not to wet, if it is wet on some point, please soaked in water Whole, Finally, ironing stretching to avoid shrink .
3. After wash, Drip dry naturally and do not wring.

***Occasion Description
Elegant dress,no doubt to ready for party,wedding,you are the major in the party.

**** size ****
please check our size chart before you place an order

length approx 120 cm

**Size Chart**
For size chart,Please kindly see the pic 5

**Model size:**

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