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Blue linen dress maxi dress women dress 20% sale (1140)


Blue linen dress maxi dress women dress 20% sale (1140)

** Fabric introduced
The dress is made of linen fabric, the biggest feature of linen is hygroscopic,thermal conductivity, permeability, the finished clothing is naturally and comfortable.

******Design concept
The blue-colored is a fashion color in this year, the two side longer Swing own Dramas,belt bank make the clothing be wear with two ways, some buttons in the front be take as decoration, show the dress more unique. Two pockets most highlight the personality of clothes, and we add a hat.

******Fabric care
1. Before wash it, please soak it with 5-10 minutes, then wash it with Special detergent.
2. Don't dry in the glare sun,should be placed in a cool dry and Ventilation, otherwise, it is easy to fade, aging, yellowing.
3. Cotton linen clothing must be wash clearly and avoid moldy, moth-eaten.
4.After washing and drying, it should ironing, So as not to affect the effect of wearing wrinkled.

******Scene description
The dress is a essential thing when you go out for Vacation.

The model wear the length approx 140cm longer, it is longer for her.
so we will made the dress length 130cm in the future.
it will not fall so longer . please confirm.


Length: about 130cm

**Size Chart **
For size chart,Please kindly see the pic 5

**Model size**
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Available in women’s US sizes 0 to 18, as well as custom size and plus size

Size Bust Waist Hips
XS-US0 32.5" 25" 35"
XS-US2 33.5" 26" 36"
S-US4 34.5" 27" 37"
S-US6 35.5" 28" 38"
M-US8 36.5" 29" 39"
M-US10 37.5" 30" 40"
L-US12 39" 31.5" 41.5"
L-US14 40.5" 33" 43"
XL-US16 42" 34.5" 44.5"
XL-US18 44" 36" 46.5"

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