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Linen dress asual dress women linen dress (1146)


Linen dress asual dress women linen dress (1146)

*** Fabric introduced
The dress is made of linen fabric, the biggest feature of linen is hygroscopic,thermal conductivity, permeability, the finished clothing is naturally and comfortable.

******Design concept
The blue-colored is a fashion color in this year, the irregular Swing own Dramas, a smaller cap, elastic in the waist and can strech,show the dress more unique.

******Fabric care
1. Before wash it, please soak it with 5-10 minutes, then wash it with Special detergent.
2. Don't dry in the glare sun,should be placed in a cool dry and Ventilation, otherwise, it is easy to fade, aging, yellowing.
3. Cotton linen clothing must be wash clearly and avoid moldy, moth-eaten.
4.After washing and drying, it should ironing, So as not to affect the effect of wearing wrinkled.

******Scene description
The dress is a essential thing when you go out for Vacation.


Length: about 115cm

**Size Chart **
For size chart,Please kindly see the pic 5

**Model size**

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