3 step to buy clothes on line that fit good

3 step to buy clothes on line that fit good

The most sad thing about Shopping for clothes on line is that you like a clothing item and find the size you need is not available, Or you choose your usual size and it comes not fit and you have wasted your money, Some times it can be a gamble, For size vary widely across different stores, brands and designers, So is there an easy way to get a perfect fit when you shop for clothes online ?

We are xiaolizi handmade studio, we custom made clothes for people from different Country for about 8 years, Now We can make 90% Customers get clothes fit well for their first order,  and 99% for the later order, How we do this, I will share all our experience to help you about How to get the right size when shopping for clothes on line in 3 steps.

  1. Take your bodymeasurement actually
  2. Check the Size Chart
  3. Choose a made to measure seivice


  • Step 1.Take your measurement

To buy clothes that fit on line,The most important thing is to measure your self properly, The idea of your size such as large, size 8 is not enough, for a size M in one Brand may like a size L in another . The best way to solve this is to make sure you have your own measurement.Usually, you need to Know your bust, waist, hips, height, and it will be great if you can get Shoulder, upper arm, and sleeve length.

So How to Take Body Measurements ?
Find a professional to take them for youYou can have a tailor, a seamstress do it for you,They do this all time and knows what they are doing, this way you will need spend time and have a plan, But Thanks for internet, with your friend or family ,you can do this at home, All you need is soft cloth or flexible plastic tape measure , such as is used in sewing, and a guide

Here is A video guide made by xiaolizi handmade studio.


If you want a guide step by step, here it is
1.Stand straight and breathe Normally when taking measurement, and don’t forget to wear appropriate clothing, you’ll get wrong measurement when you wear baggy clothing

Measure the circumference around your chest at its widest point

How to measure bust

Measure the circumference around your natural waist , usually ate the bellybutton or just blow

how to get wasit measurement

Measure the circumference around your hips at the widest point

how to get hips measurement


5.sleeve length
Measure the distance between your shoulder seam and your desired sleeve cuff

how to get right body measurement

Measure the distance between the shoulder seam

how to get you size

7.Upper arm
Measure the circumference around the thickest part of your upper arm, usual at the bicep

how to get body size

  • Step 2 , Always check the size Charts

Do please check The size Chart, find yourself on it. Even though you are a US 12 in one brand, it doesn’t mean you are automatically a US 12 in another brand, different designer use different size Chart according to their styling, it is Very important when you are shopping online, especially from retailer that carry different labels, designer.

And this is Size Chart of Xiaolizi Handmade studio

With the size Chart and your measurement, How to decide the size ?

Find your size in the size chart, It is easy to do that, But When you compare the the size Chart to your own measurement, It will be lucky enough to find your size right in the size chart, But mostly, you may have bigger waist, or Bust compared to the standard size chart. What to do with this situation ? Here is an example show you how I decide the right size
For instance, your want to buy this dress

blue maxi dress, maxi dress

This is a fit and flare dress, so The Bust, and waist, both matter most, and the hips have less matter,so when you choose a size, you should consider a balance of bust and waist, and most time no need to pay attention about hips.

For instance Your measurement is Bust 34”, Waist 28.5”,Hips 39”
So you bust size is US4, waist is US6, and Hips size is US8
If you choose size US4,The bust will fit good, but the waist will be be tight, you have to pay attention if you can close the zip in the waist

If you choose the size US 6 , the waist will fit properly, And the bust, since it is only one size bigger than us 4 , It will be a loose fit , Seems this size will fit better.

If you choose US 8 , the waist will be loose fit, but for the bust, it is two size bigger than your bust, and It may fit poofy

So The the Best choice for you is the size US6.
Have to get the way how to decide which size fit better ?

But, If you bust is too bigger or small compared to standard size chart, For example, waist 29” , Hips 39.5”, Bust 33”, The bust measurement is two size bigger or even more ?  In this case you have to Check again about your body measurement and see if there is a mistake when you measurement yourself. And you can compare your Bra size to check if you bust measurement is right, Here is a chart I use , With it you can know your bust measurement according to your bra size.

For instance you Bra size is 38DD, you can check in the chart, For 38DD, your bust measurement is about 109cm, it is easy

Bra size and Bust measurement Chart

  • 3.Choose a made to measure shop

Consider to choose a custom clothing. Made to order clothing is becoming more common, It help to achieve a better fit that you want, No matter you are tall or short, The extra money spend here can be well worth it.

And if you are too tall or short, Do you know how to decide the length of the clothes you need ? you like a clothing in a shop and you know the length of it, Do you want to know the effect of you wear it ? here is a bonus for you if you are ready this blog :) A size chart I Review and summarize From 8 years experience .
So here comes, if you like this dress, and your height is 6’2” (really height :))

romantic dress, handmade

The length of the dress in the photo is ankle length ,you can check your height and the ankle in this chart, and find that the dress for you in this length should be about 150 cm.
 if the actual length of the dress in the shop is 110cm , And from the chart, you can find if you wear this dress, it will be only a knee length :)

Height and length chart for Dress

Final Word
If you want to shop for clothes on linen and get a perfect fit , you can do it in 3 step
1.Take your measurement
2.Look into the size chart
3.Choose a make to order shop
We are xiaolizi handmade studio, we custom made clothes for people all over the word since 2009, if you need any help about choose a size, Contact with us :)

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